We design each trip similar to how we treat our bikes; by carefully evaluating the different components and making upgrades to ensure it will always deliver the best possible riding experience. 

For you as a guest, this means that each of our destinations are curated out of the elements we love about travel - exploration, food & culture, local knowledge - and packaged up to create an extraordinary mountain bike experience. 

Mountain biking is one of the most social individual sports and in our opinion our trips are best shared with friends (new and old). We believe that your latest holiday is only as good as the people you shared it with.

Using us for any mountain bike trip is a form of doing your due diligence as we take a lot of pride in knowing exactly what we are offering and only working with the best people in any given location – no compromises.

local expertise

We strive to build close relationships with the local communities and always use local guides who know the areas we bike in like the back of their hand. We want you to learn about the area and get an opportunity to experience it like a local.

off-the-beaten trail

We always aim to pedal the extra mile and explore trails away from the crowds and into the nature.

Premium accommodation

We aim to create the feeling of always coming back “home” at the end of a long day of riding. Therefore, we favour chalet accommodation that offers open and social spaces to gather around to share stories from the day's adventure.

travel specialists

We pride ourselves in being travel specialists and with a wide range of skill-set from the travel industry, we know what it takes to deliver a successful holiday from the first point of contact to final high fives at the airport.

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