In order to get the most out of your mountain biking experience, we are recommending to be at a certain skill and fitness level for each destination based on our experience and local guide knowledge. However, we are always happy to adjust the itinerary to fit the skill and fitness level of your particular group.

Skill Level


You have picked up an interest in the world of mountain biking and are eager to experience more action on the trails. You have brief experience from riding single tracks and want to improve your skills further. Or want to rekindle an old passion of mountain biking not exercised for a while.


You have ridden enduro and/or downhill mountain biking at least 10 times and master root sections and rock gardens as long as it's not too steep. You still handle the steeper trails while they are not too technical.


Roots, rocks, drops and tight switchbacks are no match for you even in steep and exposed terrain. You feel confident in riding longer trails with sustained technical features as well as handling some exposed sections with no-fall zones.


You are a fast and a confident mountain biker who finds creative line choices in the most technical and steep terrain. You bike better than you walk and are hungry for new challenges.

Fitness Level

The Happy Amateur

You can pedal your bike uphill at least 30 minutes per day and climb 150m during several consecutive days. Comfortably ride 1500 vertical meters per day downhill before the notorious cramp makes an entrance. You exercise on average at least once per week.

The Striving Prospect

You can pedal uphill 1 hour per day and climb 300m during consecutive days riding. You don't mind steep uphill climbs for about 10 to 15 minutes at the time. Downhill you happily ride up to 3000 verticals per day. You exercise on average 2 times per week.

The Avid Athlete

You are no stranger to pedal uphill for 2,5 hours per day on average during a trip and can also push your bike in steep terrain for about 2 hours per day. You ride downhill up to 5,000 verticals per day. On average you exercise 3 times per week.

The Fitness Freak

You are a beast who is constantly looking for physical challenges wherever you can find it. You exercise on average at least 5 times per week, can pedal for 5 hours, push for at least 3 and can ride downhill in challenging terrain from 5000 verticals and up. Usually you stop riding when the lifts stop running or the day's light is gone.

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