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LeRipp brings you unforgettable mountain bike experiences where epic trails, beautiful scenery, outstanding food and accommodation are equally important. All our destinations have been carefully selected to create an adrenaline filled adventure with exhilarating descents in breathtaking scenery allowing you to maximise your holiday.

Le Ripp specialises in arranging mountain bike holidays in mainland Europe. Our trips range from long weekends to week-long escapes. The destinations are suitable for all mountain bike skill levels from beginners to the experts looking for the next challenge. All of our adventures can be enjoyed on either a standard mountain bike or an e-bike (Electric Mountain Bike).

We believe there is no better way to experience the mountains than from the saddle of your bike together with friends. 

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Featured MTB destinations

Finale Ligure

Located right by the sea on the Italian Riviera, Finale Ligure is the home of the Enduro World Series and the delicious Focaccia bread. It is a must visit mountain bike destination.

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Mountain biking in Chamonix is an experience like no other with breathtaking scenery and unforgettable trails. If you are in the search for fast and technical descents, look no further.

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Featured E-Bike destinations


Tucked away far up in the mountains, Engelberg offers some of the best single tracks in this region. Cheese, cows and lakes are all part of the e-bike experience in Switzerland.

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Within easy access from Barcelona, Berga and its surrounding valleys are well known for its beautiful alpine terrain and ancient forest trails. The perfect weekend getaway all year long.

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The Leripp experience

We design each trip similar to how we treat our bikes; by carefully evaluating the different components and making upgrades to ensure it will always deliver the best possible riding experience. For you as a guest, this means that each of our destinations are curated out of the elements we love about travel - exploration, food & culture, local knowledge - and packaged up to create an extraordinary mountain bike experience.

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William Ranby


Through carefully selected destinations we aim to create the feeling of “exploration & adventure” but with the comfort of always coming back “home” at the end of an awesome day of riding.

Dave Luke

Guest in Finale Ligure

The team at Le Ripp are an impressive bunch. They really know what they are doing on and off the mountain. The adventures are very well planned and the fun continues off the trails too. I can’t wait to try all their secret spots.

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