Mountain biking is one of the best ways to explore new destinations all over the world. However, by riding a mountain bike in far flung places there is always a risk of injury, missing a flight or perhaps losing your luggage.There are many different elements that can affect your holiday, which is why we require all participants to have a mountain bike travel insurance prior to your trip.

There are plenty of different mountain bike travel insurances out there and from our experience we have found that Global Rescue is offering some of the most comprehensive cover for adventure sports and especially mountain biking. Therefore, we recommend them for your peace of mind and we are also proud to be a Global Rescue Safe Travel Partner.

As a Global Rescue Safe Travel Partner, we are committed to excellence in every aspect of your trip experience, especially when it comes to safety. Since 2004, Global Rescue has been the worldwide leader in field-rescue, evacuation, security extraction, and virtual health services. They offer two products suitable as a mountain bike travel insurance; Signature Travel Insurance & Global Rescue Membership. You can read more about these products below or on their website.

Signature Travel Insurance

The Global Rescue’s Signature Travel Insurance provide coverage against a variety of unforeseen expenses while you’re traveling and giving you the added comfort of knowing the value of your trip is protected in case you need it. The travel insurance allows you full flexibility to cover as much or as little of the trip cost that you like.

While a Signature Travel Insurance policy can be purchased at anytime, purchasing a policy within 20 days of making your initial trip deposit gives you the option of adding "cancel for any reason" to your mountain bike travel insurance.

Key Features

Trip Cancellation - Up to US$ 100,000

Trip Interruption - Up to 150% of trip cost

Emergency Medical - Up to US$ 100,000

Sports Equipment Rental - Up to US$ 2,000

Travel Delay - Up to US$ 1,000

Lost or Stolen Lugagge - Up to US$ 2,500

Emergency Dental - Up to US$ 1,000

Search & Rescue - Up to US$ 10,000

Cancel For Any Reason - Up to 75% of non-refundable insured trip cost.

Global Rescue Safe Travel Partner

The signature travel policy provides excellent all-round travel cover but in order to be fully covered for field rescue and medical evacuation while mountain biking, it is essential to take it out together with a Global Rescue Membership (see below). The Global Rescue Membership is a field rescue, evacuation and security extraction insurance and the perfect add-on to the Signature Travel Insurance.

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Global Rescue Membership

The Global Rescue Membership is a field rescue, evacuation and security extraction insurance and the perfect combination with the Global Rescue Signature Travel Insurance described above. 

Key Features

travel assistance

Whether it’s a language barrier during an emergency or a lost passport, Global Rescue travel assistance can help with unexpected issues.

hospital transport

If you do have to be hospitalized and you’re far from home, Global Rescue have the proven capability to transport our members back to their home hospital of choice.

field rescue

Will send help if you are unable to get to a hospital and in urgent need of care. With no distance requirement, field rescue services are available whether you’re close to home or on the other side of the world.

Medical and security advisory services

Global Rescue's operations centers are staffed by experienced nurses, paramedics and military special operations veterans.

Destination Alerts

Destination reports for 215 countries and principalities worldwide include entry requirements and required immunisations. Up to date on health and security events worldwide with real-time alerts and recommendations.

in-house expertise

Speak to an in-house Global Rescue expert on the first call. Personalized communications, recommendations and responses continue until your emergency is resolved.

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Disclaimer: We are more than happy to discuss the particular risks associated with your trip and the different mountain bike travel insurance options available for you. However, we are not insurance brokers or experts and it is ultimately your own responsibility to ensure that you are adequately insured when joining one of our mountain bike adventures.

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