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Mountain BIking in Guatemala

Nestled between the Caribbean sea and the Pacific Ocean in Central America, Guatemala is a country renowned for its natural beauty, featuring towering volcanoes, lush rain-forests, and historic Mayan ruins. 

From the highest point in Central America (at 4,203 meters) to sea level, Guatemala's mountainous terrain offers a range of different type of trails and micro climates, making it the perfect setting for thrilling mountain bike adventures.

By piecing together ancient Mayan trade routes through quaint Mayan villages, trails along active volcanoes and remote canyons, this is a true back-country mountain bike adventure.  Mountain biking in Guatemala provides a unique opportunity to witness the everyday life of Guatemalan communities and explore the country's rich history by visiting ancient ruins and remote Mayan settlements, while interacting with the locals.  

Whether you're looking for a leisurely ride through the endless coffee fields on the countryside or a more challenging trek up a volcano, Guatemala has it all. Grab your mountain bike, put on your helmet, and get ready to explore one of the most beautiful countries in Central America!

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Mountain biking on a volcano in Guatemala

Volcanic Riding

Experience the rugged and explosive landscape of one of Guatemala's active Volcanos (Pacaya Volcano). Descend from the crater on old paths that wind through volcanic flows and lush green hills, taking you all the way down to sea level. Mountain biking in Guatemala is all about exploring new trails in unchartered territories.

Ride amongst Mayan ruins in Guatemala

Cultural Immersion

Experience the true essence of Guatemala in all its authenticity. While visiting small villages along the way you will get the opportunity to immerse yourself into Guatemala's vibrant culture consisting of 22 distinct ethnic groups with Mayan origin, each with their own language, traditions, and customs.

Mountain bike through Central American coffee plantations

Coffee Lovers

Coffee is a crucial element of Guatemala's economy and culture, as the country is renowned for producing some of the world's finest coffee beans. With ideal growing conditions, including high altitudes and rich volcanic soil, you will often find yourself riding on old Mayan trails through various coffee plantations.

Holiday Packages

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The Ultimate Guatemalan Adventure

Discover the stunning landscapes and rich history of Guatemala with our exclusive mountain bike holiday package. Over the course of 8 days and 7 nights, you'll traverse diverse trails, from the highest point in Central America to lush rainforests and historic Mayan ruins, all guided by local and professional experts. Accommodations include luxurious hotels in Antigua, Lake Atitlan, and a unique coffee farm, as well as a charming countryside cabin, ensuring maximum comfort and authenticity. Embrace the adventure and cultural immersion of this mountain biking adventure through one of Central America's most beautiful countries.

Private Groups

October - April

Price / Person

6 -10 Riders: US$ 3,150

3 - 5 Riders: US$ 3,700

2 Riders: US$ 5,050

1 Rider: US$ 5,700

Open Groups

No current dates

Price / Person*




  • 5 days of riding with local and professional mountain bike guides.
  • Groups of up to 10 riders + guide(s).
  • Uplift shuttle service on all riding days.
  • Road transportation throughout the trip.
  • 3 nights in exclusive hotels in Antigua.
  • 1 night in a countryside cabin (guest house).
  • 2 nights in an exclusive hotel in Lake Atitlan.
  • 1 night at an exclusive coffee farm in Los Terrales.
  • Breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner everyday.
  • Drinks (beer, wine & soft drinks).
  • Airport transfers.
  • Entrance fees to Carmona, Pacaya, Iximche, Los Tarrales and mayan communities.
  • A LeRipp team member to support you onsite (for groups of 5+ riders).


  • Mountain bike rental.
  • Single occupancy (subject to availability).
  • Gratitude/Tip to the guides and drivers.
  • Travel & Medical Insurance.
  • Flights.

*Please note that most optional items need to be pre-booked and are subject to availability and additional costs.


Arrival Day

Upon landing in Guatemala City, you'll transfer to Antigua and check into an upscale hotel. Set up your bike, get briefed, and spend your evening exploring or relaxing. Dine at the hotel or a local recommendation.

Day 2

After breakfast, shuttle to a renowned coffee farm for mountain biking. Experience awe-inspiring views of Antigua and the Fuego Volcano while riding the Cucurucho and Black Mamba tracks. Lunch and dinner in Antigua.

Day 3

Explore Antigua's best enduro trails after breakfast. Witness volcanoes, forests, and plantations, tackling three descents: Santa Maria, "P2P", and "Tanque de Agua". Lunch at Antigua Cervecería. Journey from Antigua to Tecpán's "Little Switzerland" to stay the night.

Day 4

Breakfast in XeJun sets you up for a cultural tour of Iximche' and a ride on the Kaqchikel Route through ancient Mayan routes. Lunch by Lake Atitlán, followed by a boat ride and dinner at Casa del Mundo.

Day 5

Rest Day. Explore the area and soak in the beautiful views of Lake Atitlán. There are numerous of various activities to engage in on this day.

Day 6

Breakfast with a view of Lake Atitlán precedes biking adventures through San Andrés, La Cumbre, and "Las Escalinatas". Enjoy scenic lunches and end in San Antonio Palopó before returning to Casa del Mundo.

Day 7

Post-breakfast, shuttle to Agua Volcano for a descent. Horse porters transport your bikes to Pacaya Volcano. Traverse its unique landscape and undertake another descent through the forest. Lunch during the journey and dinner back in Antigua.

Departure Day

Share a final breakfast, reflecting on the trip's adventures. Pack up, prepare for the airport, and depart with a heart full of memories.


Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of Guatemala with our carefully curated accommodations, providing a luxurious and authentic experience throughout your journey. Spend three nights in the charming city of Antigua, residing in exclusive hotels that exude history and elegance. Here, the vibrant atmosphere and colonial architecture create a unique backdrop for your stay.

Your journey continues with a tranquil retreat to a mountain cabin near Tecpán, offering a serene escape and connection to nature. The adventure then unfolds at Lake Atitlan, where two nights in an exclusive hotel await, positioned perfectly to capture the stunning beauty of the volcanic lake and its surrounding villages.

Conclude your Guatemalan experience with a night at Los Tarrales, a prestigious coffee farm that not only provides lush scenery but also a deep dive into the journey of coffee production. Each accommodation choice has been carefully selected to enhance your experience, ensuring comfort, luxury, and a true taste of Guatemala's diverse charm.


In order to enjoy Guatemala's true treasures we recommend being at least an Intermediate mountain biker who is comfortable in most type of terrain and somewhat technical terrain. The technical sections however, are usually not too long and are mixed with flowy and less technical terrain.

In Guatemala we are getting most help uphill from shuttles. However, in order to maximize the fun we will aim to pedal and push shorter sections for up to 30 minutes per trail for our standard enduro trips.

Skill Level Recommended:


You have ridden a enduro and/or downhill mountain bike at least 10 times and master root sections and rock gardens as long as it's not too steep. You still handle the steeper trails while they are not too technical.

Fitness Level Recommended:

The Happy Amateur

You can pedal your bike uphill at least 30 minutes per day and climb 150m during several consecutive days. Downhill you can ride 1500 vertical meters per day before the notorious cramp makes an entrance. You exercise on average at least once per week.

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The Ultimate Guatemalan Adventure

Price: From USD 3,150
Duration: 8 Days & 7 Nights



Apparently a picture says more than a 1,000 words so why don't sit back and enjoy our favourite photos from our mountain bike tours in Guatemala.

Explore Beautiful Guatemala

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