Top 10 Must-Have Mountain Biking Accessories

Jonas Ernevi
July 25, 2023

Exploring the Top 10 Must-Have Mountain Bike Accessories to Enhance Your Riding Experience

Mountain biking is an exhilarating sport that allows you to connect with nature and explore breathtaking landscapes. To make the most out of your mountain biking adventures, it is crucial to have the right accessories that can enhance your riding experience. While helmets, protective gear, and hydration packs are essential, there are also lesser-known accessories that can take your riding to the next level. In this blog post, we will explore ten must-have mountain bike accessories that you may not have considered before.

1. Bike Multitool

One accessory that can greatly improve your riding experience is a bike multitool. This compact tool sits in your bike's stem and includes various tools such as Allen wrenches, screwdrivers, and chain tools. With a bike multitool, you can make on-the-go adjustments and repairs, ensuring that your bike is always in optimal condition. Whether you need to tighten a loose bolt or fix a minor mechanical issue, having a bike multitool handy can save you from potential headaches on the trails.

2. MTB Fenders

Protecting yourself from mud and water splashes while riding on wet or muddy trails is essential. Adding MTB fenders to your mountain bike can significantly enhance your riding experience in such conditions. There are two main types of MTB fenders to consider: front fenders and rear fenders. Front fenders attach to the fork and prevent mud and water from spraying onto your face, while rear fenders attach to the seatpost or rear triangle and protect your back and components. By keeping yourself and your bike cleaner, MTB fenders allow you to focus more on the trail ahead and enjoy a smoother ride.

3. Dropper Seatpost

A dropper seatpost is a game-changer for mountain bikers tackling steep descents. This adjustable seatpost allows you to quickly lower your saddle with the push of a lever, giving you more room to maneuver and better control over your bike. It allows you to shift your weight back and maintain a low center of gravity, improving your stability and confidence on challenging downhill sections. When you reach a flat or uphill section, simply raise the seatpost back to its original position for a more efficient pedaling posture.

4. Puncture Plug Repair Kit

If you ride with tubeless tires (which you should), consider investing in a puncture plug repair kit. This handy accessory can save you from the hassle of changing a flat tire on the trails. The kit includes a set of plugs that can be inserted into punctures, sealing them instantly and allowing you to continue riding without the need to replace the tube. Puncture plug repair kits are lightweight, compact, and easy to use, making them a convenient solution for unexpected flats during your mountain biking adventures.

5. Small Frame Bag and Frame Strap

A small frame bag is a versatile accessory that can greatly enhance your mountain biking experience. This bag attaches to your bike's frame and provides convenient storage for essential items such as tools, snacks, and personal belongings. With a small frame bag, you can keep your pockets free and distribute the weight evenly on your bike. It ensures that you have easy access to your belongings without the need for a bulky backpack. Additionally, consider adding a frame strap to your bike's frame. This strap can be used to secure items such as spare tubes or a lightweight jacket, giving you even more storage options and peace of mind.

6. Bike Lights

If you plan on riding during low-light conditions or at night, bike lights are a must-have accessory. Front and rear lights not only enhance your visibility to others but also allow you to see the trail ahead. Look for lights with a high lumen output and different modes (such as steady and flashing) to suit various riding conditions. Additionally, consider lights with a rechargeable battery for convenience and environmental friendliness.

7. Grips

Having comfortable and reliable grips on your handlebars can make a significant difference in your riding experience. Grips with ergonomic designs and cushioning properties can reduce hand fatigue and provide better control over your bike. Look for grips that offer a good balance between comfort and grip, ensuring that your hands stay firmly in place even on rough terrains.

8. Chain Lube

Proper maintenance of your bike's chain is essential for smooth and efficient pedaling. Investing in a quality chain lube can greatly extend the life of your drivetrain and enhance your overall riding experience. Apply chain lube regularly to keep your chain clean and well-lubricated, reducing friction and noise while improving shifting performance.

9. Full Frame MTB Glasses

Protecting your eyes from debris, wind, and sunlight is crucial when riding on mountain bike trails. Full frame MTB glasses provide maximum coverage and protection, shielding your eyes from dust, branches, and harmful UV rays. Look for glasses with impact-resistant lenses and anti-fog coatings to ensure clear vision in all weather conditions. Additionally, consider glasses with interchangeable lenses to adapt to different light conditions and improve visibility on the trails.

There are numerous of different brands out there but we really like Bole, Poc, Julbo and Smith.

10. Phone Mount

A phone mount is a handy accessory that can enhance your mountain biking experience in multiple ways. It allows you to securely attach your smartphone to your bike's handlebars, providing easy access to navigation apps, fitness tracking apps, and even your favorite music playlists. With your phone mounted, you can stay connected, track your progress, and capture stunning photos and videos of your mountain biking adventures.

One of the industry leader is Quad Lock but there are plenty of different options out there such as SP connect and Mous to compare against each other.

In conclusion, while helmets, protective gear, and hydration packs are essential, there are lesser-known accessories that can greatly enhance your mountain biking experience. Consider investing in a bike multitool for on-the-go adjustments, MTB fenders (both front and rear) for protection against mud and water, and a dropper seatpost for enhanced control on descents. If you have tubeless tires, a puncture plug repair kit can save you from the frustration of flat tires. A small frame bag or frame strap provide convenient storage options for your essentials. Additionally, bike lights, grips, chain lube, full frame MTB glasses, and a phone mount can further help you to have an enjoyable adventure out on your mountain bike. By adding these must-have accessories to your arsenal, you'll be well-equipped to take your mountain biking adventures to new heights. Happy riding!

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